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We believe in ourselves and we believe in you.

Welcome To Hephzibah Behavioral Health

We are agents of Hope serving children, teens, adults, and families with faith informed and evidenced based clinical interventions in individualized and group settings.

We believe that everyone is uniquely made for greatness, that our greatness is unique to each of us, and that we all need help to achieve this objective. We believe in do-overs, in keeping at something until we get it especially when we’ve gotten it wrong so many times before. We believe in possibilities, in taking chances, in giving our all. We believe that failure is inevitable but should always be seen as a stepping stone to success.

We believe in good hygiene, in saying please, and thank you, in cleaning up after ourselves. We believe in cheering on the underdog and celebrating every victory along the way. We believe in making the bed, walking the dog, and cleaning the litter box…every day. We believe in being on time, and in being gracious in victory and in defeat. We believe in laughter and in tears, in salads and ice cream, and we believe in good clean fun.

We believe that how we treat others, especially those who are different and those who are the same but act differently, reveals our true character. We believe in ourselves and we believe in you.


Hope Rising in Middle Georgia is a values-driven, faith based, non-profit company. Every day we strive to serve our clients, our community, and each other. We are committed to the following values and pledge to uphold them every day:


We are a team and part of the greater community first and always; each of us is a work in progress at different places in our journey through life.


We celebrate the little victories, the moments that mean something, progress of all kinds, our wins, and the inherent dignity of every person everywhere. We participate in and contribute to the fun to be had in our community. We encourage team and client alike to hold sacred the margins in their lives.


We accept our own humanity, acknowledge our weaknesses, and embrace our own journey; we accept help when we need it, and when it is offered, and strive to grow in our own knowledge, courage, resilience, wisdom and strength.


We love what we do. We love to see people challenge their limits, stretch and grow through adversity, and overcome challenges and obstacles to their wellbeing. We love to see people restore and engage in new relationships, to volunteer regularly and serve out of gladness for those who have served us in our time of need.


We go the extra mile, in our relationships, in our work, and in our community for we recognize we have only come this far because others have served and sacrificed so that we could and can.


We believe that those who distinguish themselves by the quality, quantity, impact and outcomes of their work, along with their contribution to our community, our organization, and our culture should be acknowledged and rewarded. We hold this value as complementary to our commitment to fair and reasonable compensation and benefits for all.

Faith Informed

We believe that humanity is created in the image of a perfect and engaged God who seeks only the best for His creation; that the fullest expression of self comes in knowing and being known by God, and that in selflessly serving others we come closest to embodying the divine.


Hephzibah Behavioral Health Services Offers

Marriage & Family Counseling

Referral Services

PTSD Treatment

Supervised Visitation

Trauma Informed Care

Abuse Recovery

Grief Counseling

Life Coaching/Mentoring

Diagnostic Assessments

Cultural competency training

Behavioral Remediation


Crisis Interventions

Addiction Treatment

Court appointed interventions

Psychiatric and Psychological treatment

Coming Soon:

  • Parenting Classes w/ CPR & First Aid
  • Pre-marital and Marriage counseling
  • Financial Literacy & Tax Preparation
  • Nutritional Coaching & Community Garden
  • Tutoring for K-12th Grade
  • GED Center – training & Testing
  • Wellness/Fitness Coaching
  • Community Arts Center (dance, pottery, paint, photography, music, storytelling)
  • Computer Lab & Lending/Giving Library
  • After-School child & youth programs
  • Sports & Music camps
  • Parent’s Night Out
  • Job readiness training
  • Resume assistance
  • Transitional Living opportunities for youth aging out of the Foster Care System, with services specific to teen mothers and their children.
  • Transitional Living opportunities for un/underemployed veterans.
  • Help and Support for Children, Families and Adults in Middle Georgia
  • Helping our community find or reclaim a better tomorrow.
  • Helping veterans reintegrate and engage in their communities
  • Discovering and pursuing your better self

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